Just ’cause I think it’s cool

Imagine the pants-shitting horror of the anti’s at the sight of an 11 YO girl practicing a shooty martial art. That alone is worth the price of the ticket. I’ve never understood what’s supposed to be so terrible about a young girl who, even if she doesn’t win, won’t be a victim. And they call us “haters?” Huzzah to her, is what I say.

H/T to Unc.

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2 Responses to Just ’cause I think it’s cool

  1. CorbinKale says:

    Great stuff! When my son was about that age, we took some video of him riding a 3wheeler and shooting an AR and a pistol. We edited it into a 3 minute DVD for him to show in class for his ‘What I did this Summer’ project. 🙂 You can imagine the reaction in class!

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