Last Day of May

Hanging out, not getting anything done but filling handkerchiefs. Not sleeping very well. About semi-conscious the past few days. May is still my favorite month – but I’m reminded of the downsides.


…even if I can’t smell the flowers I can still admire them. And try not to be injured by them. And speaking of injury…

I haven’t scheduled the tickertape parade yet but evidence suggests I’ve won the latest round of the on-again-off-again rodent war inside Ian’s Cave. That last kill ended any trace of new mouse sign. Till next time, but I take my victories where I can.

Now if you’ll excuse I’m gonna have a post-walkie liedown.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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One Response to Last Day of May

  1. Mike says:

    Like you, May has always been bitter-sweet. It’s lovely seeing the world green up and the flowers bloom. It’s not so nice dealing with the allergic reaction to the pollen.

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