“LinkedIn is like a clingy ex girlfriend that won’t go away.”

The Adaptive Curmudgeon has been afflicted with work-mandated hardware he must now live with. His normal approach is similar to mine, here at the Secret Lair…

Usually I live in my fortress of nerditude; safely behind walls of Linux and brainless prepaid cell phones that couldn’t play Pokemon Go even if I wanted to (which I don’t).

…but it’s not working out perfectly for him lately, due to the aforementioned work-mandated hardware with all the standard commercial spyware. Reminds me of a long-running annoyance on my own ‘pooter…

Several-going-on-many years ago an old friend signed me up with LinkedIn – no, I don’t know why, I think he was trying to be helpful in a career-related sort of way – and I have never figured out how to either unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to in the first place or get Thunderbird to not only recognize LinkedIn emails as junk, but to actually do something about it. The Facebook emails (which I also don’t understand why I’m getting them) go straight to Spam but LinkedIn, for some reason, is more privileged.

I can see where it might have been a little more attractive when I was younger, but at my age and station “social media” is one thing I really hate about the Internet.

Reminds me I’m running low on Tracfone minutes. Oh, brave new world…

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2 Responses to “LinkedIn is like a clingy ex girlfriend that won’t go away.”

  1. Judy says:

    Yup, someone signed me up to LinkedIn. I went in just far enough to cancel the account and left a comment to the effect I didn’t know who signed me up, but it wasn’t me and I didn’t appreciate it. And if I ever find out who did, God spare them, cause they are going to get one of my father’s special in-your-face ass-chewings.

  2. jed says:

    I’ve had people “invite” me to LinkedIn – I think without really intending to, mostly. LinkedIn likes to hoover up e-mail addresses by asking people to upload their address books. I had a little go-round with them via e-mail once, where I was unable get them to acknowledge that their continued e-mail repeats of “… has invited you to join” was spam, and was, in effect, signing me up for the equivalent of a mailing list without my consent. Total assholes. They did, finally consent to blocking my address in their database, which isn’t the same as purging it, because I didn’t want to be in it in the first place.

    I can’t speak to Thunderbird, but this is where having a good e-mail provider really helps. I configured my mail filters at the COTSE mail server to block LinkedIn. Oh, now Microsoft owns LinkedIn.

    Also, Joel, I thought you were going to switch e-mail providers anyway. That’s one way to keep from getting a lot of the old spammy crap.

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