Little Bear gets a new walky lead.

It wasn’t entirely his fault. It was just a piece of cheap rope from Lowe’s, and it was pretty old. Yesterday morning we came upon a small herd of cattle, and there were calves, and LB forgot himself for just a moment. He stopped when he hit the end of the lead, so that was pretty good. He really has mellowed on the “must chase everything” thing. But there were calves, Daddy. Anybody who doesn’t want to chase and disembowel a calf just has no soul. I mean, what are they for? Their bowels aren’t going to disem themselves. Right?

I’m pretty sure that’s the way LB sees it, but he goes along with my unreasonable restrictions much better than he used to. Still this morning I noticed that the core of his lead had parted, and so the next time it happened the cattle would have an unwelcome new friend.

Happened I was fresh out of trusted rope, so I bought another roll of cheap but sturdy poly this morning at the hardware store.
It’s rather brighter than the old one.

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  1. Matt, the other says:

    Same material I have been using to make leads for my dogs for many years. Gets dirty, wet, hot cold. Never worry about it.

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