Look who’s coming back to the Lair!

I’m waiting for a phone call from S&L who are going back to the city for a week to house-sit for their kids, and Ghost isn’t coming.

Ghost is a drama queen about strange houses in strange places, and will devote himself to whining you into submission until you agree to immediately pack and go back home to the desert where you belong. So … as I knew must come some day … they’re not taking him. Which means we’re going to see if he’s content to slum with Little Bear and Uncle Joel.

He gets one – uno – free pick-up at S&L’s. But I’m not going to spend the whole week worrying about where he’s gone to. The second time I have to go get him, he’s going to Gitmo. I’ll stick LB in there for company and visit them twice a day, but I’ll be damned if this next week is going to be all about how the universe isn’t being run to poor tragic Ghost’s specifications.

Yes, I’ve already developed something of an attitude about this. Frankly, my life has proven simpler with Ghost not in it. I didn’t ask him to move out in the first place, and I’m not interested in having the accommodations I provide critiqued by a dog. I didn’t put up with it indefinitely from a wife. So he’s only provisionally welcome back.

ETA: He came in readily enough, sniffed around, ignored LB, and immediately wanted back out the door. “No, go lay down.” Bypassing his bed which I’d dragged back here from Landlady’s he huffed into his old Safe Space.
We’ll just have to see how this goes.

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7 Responses to Look who’s coming back to the Lair!

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Good for you, Joel. I know a lady who has zero life that doesn’t revolve around the wants and needs of an elderly, neurotic parrot, for pity sake. The damned thing walks around on her table and eats out of her plate. I kid you not. Ghost is a fine, upstanding gentleman compared to that. LOL

  2. coloradohermit says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only pet parent who can’t manage the universe to anyone’s satisfaction. Cat doesn’t like how I manage the weather and dog doesn’t like how I manage the cat. Oh well! Not losing any sleep over either.

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    LOL! Oh yes, being held responsible for the weather is a never ending dilemma for pet people. Did you ever read “Door into Summer” by RA Heinlein? The main character has a cat that will go door to door if it is raining, fully expecting it to be warm and dry… summer SOMEWHERE… and loudly complaining to the management when it is not. The whole book takes that theme in a lot of directions. It’s my favorite Heinlein – among many Heinlein favorites.

  4. s says:

    At least Ghost is not as fastidious as the Adaptive Curmudgeon’s dog.

  5. Kentucky says:

    He has “that look” on his face again . . .

  6. Bradley says:

    Harshe invective to follow:

    Ghost is not your dog, never has been. Despite that you fed and cared for him, without hiesitation, without him ever returning the favor. Which went on for years.

    Yes, he’s a dog. Dogs are not capable of higher learning, although some are smart enough to comprehend the master-human relationship and work with it. Ghost is not one of those dogs.

    If life is simpler without him – and your constant complaints about his attitude and behaviour indicates that it is – hand him back and walk away. If he shows up uninvited only LB gets fed. If he’s stupid enough to starve to death on that regimen, so be it. It was his decision, he deserves to fully embrace it.

  7. Joel says:

    Ghost is happy with L, L is happy with Ghost, and I wish them both well. But he didn’t spontaneously show up on my doorstep, they dropped him off with a bag of food since they’re going to the city for a week. I’m dog-sitting. Friday or Saturday when they return, I will cheerfully hand him back and walk away. Until then, I’m taking care of him. That is all.

    Doesn’t really require invective, harsh or otherwise.

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