Love that Honda…

Three years ago a VERY Generous Reader sent me my very own Honda generator, new in box, after life changes rendered it irrelevant to the reader’s future plans. I confess I was both excited to receive it and also – almost reluctant.

I’ve never been on the kind of budget where acquiring a machine like a Honda EU2000i could be done casually – or at all, really. I always settled for cheaper sorts of machines and they had a habit of letting me down. The Honda has a very high reputation for reliability and I frankly didn’t want to see it broken. That would probably turn out to be my fault.

So when I mothball the thing, I do it very carefully. And I always take it out of mothballs with some serious trepidation.

Back in December I changed the oil and drained the fuel most thoroughly. The carb bowl has a draincock that makes that easy. So nothing but a rat chewing through a spark plug wire should keep it from starting up again no matter how long it sits. Right? Hell, BB even sent it a dust cover so it doesn’t even get dirty in storage.

Check the oil and see that the aforementioned petcock is tight. Remember to open that valve on the fuel filler cap. Pour in some gas…

…and then feel your heart sink when it doesn’t kick at all after the sixth or seventh pull, even though you spent all morning up to this point telling yourself that it always does this after being dry, it always takes this long for the fuel to get where it needs to go. Because my experience with small gas engines just naturally makes me the result of an unholy mating between Eeyore and Joe Btfsplk. Don’t ask me how they reproduced.

And then when the carb finally starts vaporizing fuel and squirting it into the cylinder, the Honda naturally starts right up and undoubtedly will for all its active season, because it’s a helluva tool. And it has taken an amazing amount of the labor out of scrap wood cutting.

And things should go particularly smoothly this time out, because…

…in July Big Brother sent me this. A genuine Milwaukee Sawzall, freshly lubed and rehabbed. I have a Craftsman recip saw that’s only 2 years old and already coming apart, and I hope confidently expect this machine to work ever so much more reliably – but it can’t work at all without a generator at the woodpile. So now we’re ready to destroy old pallets, chop them into stove lengths, and slowly fill the woodshed.

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4 Responses to Love that Honda…

  1. Claire says:

    I also have a Honda EU2000i generator, sent new-in-box by an extremely generous friend. Each season, I’d also drag it out with considerable trepidation and always thought those multiple pulls after storage were “just me.” (I’d gotten so used to cheap generators whose pull cords were beyond the strength of my “girlie arms”!)

    Last fall, I neglected it completely (and fortunately never had to use it last winter), so this fall’s trepidation was worse than usual. I had The Wandering Monk come and help me with the Honda and a neglected kerosene heater (also a gift!).

    It took him multiple pulls at first and he explained to me how normal that was — just the carb issue you describe. He advised me to take it out and run it for 10 minutes several times a week. Since then, one or two virtually effortless gentle pulls do the job.

    It’s truly a phenomenal tool. It’ll run both my refrigerator and freezer at the same time — it’s main job in life after natural or unnatural disasters — and runs so quietly that it can’t be heard from the street.

    You and I have been fortunate in our friends.

  2. Howard says:

    I have two e2000s that I have the cables to run at the same time. Usually I alternate them to charge batteries even in the summer. We are far enough North that solar hardly helps from November till February and it gets cold enough (-40 sometimes) that we switch them off and put one under the kitchen table so it is warm enough to start easily. I’m any case we don’t usually mothball them but maybe your problem with.starting when you have is an air bubble in.the fuel line or carb. Try running an ounce of so of fuel in a container through the carb drain with the fuel shutoff on before you try starting it!

  3. Zelda says:

    Milwaukee is as good as it gets and that sawzall is a wonder tool. Wish I could afford one but I can borrow when I need it. I know about Craftsman tools that come apart… Your productivity will amaze you. What a great way to start a winter chore.

  4. Phil says:

    I’m a little behind here but after I read this Joel I wanted to relay a little story that you may want to pay attention to.
    I have a neighbor down the street, some flavor of South of the Border, exactly where I’m not sure and it doesn’t really matter. Nice guy but has zero mechanical ability. I fixed his lawnmower last year and din’t charge him so now I am apparently his GO TO GUY. All that being said, he showed up last weekend with a Brand New gas powered pressure washer that he couldn’t get started. It had fresh gas, oil, etc.
    I messed with it for 20 minutes before I discovered it had ZERO compression.
    Come to find out, while it was brand new, it wasn’t. He bought it five years ago and had just taken it out of the box.
    In that five years of sitting the valves had stuck open.
    It’s going to have to be torn into to get them moving back and forth again.
    The moral of the story is that if you are going to store anything that has internal combustion, dig it out and turn it over a few times once in a while to keep things from seizing up.

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