Oh, yeah. That’s what I’ve been missing all these years.

This was the first really frosty morning in a couple of weeks, as winter probes our defenses for weaknesses. I’ve learned a new life lesson: If you want your shelter to be well insulated, hire a consultant from Minnesota who thinks insulation is really important. The addition’s floor needs work, since it needs insulation and skirting, but the walls are fine. Much better, in general, than the main cabin walls.

So though I could tell it had turned a bit cold overnight, the bedroom outside my blankets wasn’t terribly chilly. The bedside thermometer said 54o. The thermostat was on but turned to minimum and the heater had never kicked on. So I just reached out, flicked the lever on my primitive little thermostat, and rolled over to snooze for half an hour. When I finally went boots-on it was closer to 60o and I could pull on my jeans without that cold shock on an old man’s shanks.

Hermitage is good, I’ve got no complaints. But I had truly forgotten how much civilization lives in the humble thermostat.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In my (primitive) mind, your new bedroom is all about gaining that wonderful thermostat, and losing that dangerous ladder. You have done it all.

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