Maybe the Gen5 will be quicker to set up…

Via Tam, here’s the ultimate concealment piece: The Gen4 Ninja Glock! I expect a write-up in Forgotten Weapons any day now.

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5 Responses to Maybe the Gen5 will be quicker to set up…

  1. I so wanna be that guy.

    Do the AR next! Do the AR next!

  2. Ya know, I read all the comments tring to figure out what the vid actually shows. Nada. And be damned if I’m curious enough to try downloading a 24MB vid on dial-up.

    Any hints?

  3. KurtP says:

    Basically through slight of hand and editing tricks make the Ninja Glock go from a Leatherman sized lump of sheath into a Glock with scope, hand grenades, spare ninja hood (for when yours gets sweaty).
    The scope is a variable power from 2- 9 miles and a mag that holds like 300 rounds of hollow point, wad-cutters, ice, meat, plastic and titanium bullets without a misfire.

    What you see on the toob capture is the 1,000 MW lazer stirring up a ‘typhoon’ in the desert and it can be directed at your enemies.

    It also has a cleaning kit that uses AR rods that came from the handy-dandy lazer emitter capsule under the barrel.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thassawaykuhlll! Designed and sold by Bob Bitchin’!

    Great video, thanks for linking it.

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