Me so techie…

Sometimes I get so annoyed I actually exert myself to fix a techie problem myself. Also, for like the first time since I started using Apple products, iTunes was of some value to me. It took half the afternoon, but I managed to restore my iPhone without resort to paid professionals.

For whatever reason, my old phone has deprecated almost to the point of unusable and it was getting on my nerves. Then my trip to the Big Town about 50 miles away to get my #1 phone fixed got pushed back to next week, and I didn’t want to put up with the situation that long if I could help it. So I went back into the Apple swamp, and this time I (slowly and painfully) figured out what they were trying to tell me. It took a while before I trusted enough to push the button – after all, a simple update is what got me into this situation – and then progress was so slow I thought at one point it had all locked up again. But there was success at the end.

I still want to take the phone to the repairman, because software updates won’t fix that cracked screen I’ve been living with since December. But except for that the new(ish) iPhone is working again.

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6 Responses to Me so techie…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Commander Zero uses android or iphone.

  2. Android. Samsung Galaxy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you may want to ask about changing the battery at same time as fixing screen. My son had his iphone screen crack and he had it replaced then started having problems with battery went in to have them change out battery and they cant get new battery to work in his IP13, so he had to get a new phone,funny how that happens…

  4. ka9vsz says:

    Joel, I’m … speechless. You’re a Renaissance Man!
    I miss my flip phone. Circumstances beyond my control forced me to “up grade”.
    Now the state mandates I clock in and out while at work using my wireless leash. No flexibility.
    Bury your phone before it’s too late!

  5. Joel says:

    Now the state mandates I clock in and out while at work using my wireless leash.

    I’m kind of afraid to ask…

  6. ka9vsz says:

    TL;DR: be afraid. Or aware and adaptive.

    Carrier said “Oh, we’re improving things with 5G. You WILL get a new phone or be incommunicado forever. BTW, it’ll cost more and perform almost as good as your old phone”. Sigh. So I bought the dumbest smart phone Wallyworld had…

    THEN the State said “You MUST have a Smart Phone and use the mandatory Electronic Visit Verification app if you want to keep your job.” I don’t work for the State. I work for my client. Who pays me with State/Fed $. Sigh. I used to do work-related errands on the way to work since the grocery store/drug store/gas station was RIGHT THERE and fudged the timesheet to pay me fairly without ripping off anyone. Same for driving home. Now, I’m forced to be more devious merely to be a good employee who goes above and beyond while being efficient. Those bananas sitting in my car were bought on my own time today to keep from driving 12 miles out of my way on the clock tomorrow. Technology might make some things easier, but it ain’t consistent. Keep being Gray Men, y’all.

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