Meat pie success!

I used the pizza dough recipe in my Joy of Cooking, because I’m old. Just had to cut the ingredient sizes in half for one pie.

Canned roast beef this time, with lightly-fried potatoes and fresh onions.

A big improvement over bread dough, and no mistake. Personally I found the crust a bit tough and chewy for my taste, it definitely could be rolled a hair thinner, though Landlady claimed to like it the way it is. I think I may try an actual pie crust next.

I have to confess my supply of canned meat, replenished on a monthly basis by BB and occasionally by various care package providers, is piling up to a stupid degree. Part of this is because I’m paranoid about hunger, having experienced it, and hoard long-term food. And part of it is that you still need to be able to cook. Meat pies strike me as a good cheap way to rotate my supply more, and are within my very modest talent. And it’s flexible; I’ve done it with ground beef and roast beef: next is pulled pork and there’s no reason not to use chicken though I already have plenty of uses for canned chicken breast.

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8 Responses to Meat pie success!

  1. Zelda says:

    After reading about your first meat pies I got inspired one cold and snowy day to make a meat pie and used one of the many Internet recipes for rough puff pastry. You’d need some kind of cold shortening and a rolling pin and it has to chill but it goes together in 10 minutes and has a nice crunch in a meat pie. Almost as good a breakfast as Spam and eggs and biscuits and coffee.

  2. Ben says:

    I assume that those are oven baked. Winter is a great time for baking. Summer not so much. Given the non-raw ingredients, those meat pies may be so non-fussy that you could bake them in your BBQ.

  3. Joel says:

    Yeah, I’ve baked bread in the BBQ during heat waves. Not perfect but it works. I’m quite sure these would cook up fine that way, given due care.

  4. Ray in Kentucky says:

    Looks to be a portable meal, if need be. Perhaps for walk-about or off site chores.

  5. TK421a says:

    Ah, the classic “a man, a can and a plan” recipe. nice.

  6. Robert says:

    Yummy! Any clue on post-cooked shelf life if on a walkabout?

  7. Joel says:

    I doubt it would be good for much more than a day or two unrefrigerated.

  8. Zelda says:

    The most often cited origin for meat pies (but surely not the oldest) is the old time Welsh coal miner’s pasty which was tucked hot from the oven in a coat pocket and still hot at lunch time. No need for a lunch bucket or lunch pail. No reason why we can’t tuck one in a pocket and do our chores until a snack or meal is wanted but once it got to be lukewarm there would be food poisoning possibilities and those bacteria multiply rapidly. Maybe not as rapidly when covered in coal dust?

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