Milestone at Landlady’s house

After a setback a couple of weeks ago when we got it hooked up and the pressure regulator leaked, the manufacturer sent her a replacement regulator (and also a replacement for the oven door handle that was bent right out of the box) and this morning we went to work. We were hampered by lack of a correct fitting and some confusing instructions, but eventually we got the thing piped in and re-jetted for LP. The Meadow House has a genuine fancy kitchen stove now!

Is that not completely Russian in its “Is rifle. Is not supposed to be stylish” badassery? This WASR 10 has a scope mount on the side of the receiver, and somewhere or other Ian found a Russian red dot that fits it. So he sent it up to see how it works on the WASR. Gonna wait till things cool off a bit and there’s no danger of spooking neighbors or their horses, then try to sight it in at the range. So far the most I can say is that the mount does fit the receiver, and I can see the marking (Is Russian optic. Is elaborate series of lines, not stupid bourgeois dot.) in sunlight without cranking up the current until the aiming point is just a big vague red blur. So that’s good.

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2 Responses to Milestone at Landlady’s house

  1. anonymous says:

    Is that red dot sight a Kobra ? I seem to recall it, but its fuzzy. The one I saw was mounted on a Ulti-mak rail, above the forearm.

  2. Joel says:

    Anon, it appears to be. It’s identical to this one.

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