Mistakes you make with a game camera…

…over and over, in my case.

I don’t know where all the game has gone. Sometimes things just dry up: I’m quite sure there are still animals somewhere in the desert but they haven’t been in my part of the desert for months. I continue to try and get a grasp of their movements, almost entirely without success.

The deer and elk stopped coming to the watering station. In an attempt to find them I moved my new camera to a game trail I know weeks ago, and in all that time haven’t taken a picture of so much as a rabbit.

A couple of days ago I slightly changed the camera angle, making what for me is a very common mistake. This morning I checked the camera without a lot of hope and noted with surprise that it had recorded almost 500 frames. Normally lately it only takes pictures of me coming and going. Maybe there were signs of life?

Nope. As soon as I got home I popped the card into the ‘pooter to look, and all I got was 465 frames of bobbing branch*.

Yup. When I adjusted the camera I inadvertently included that little branch in the foreground, and so fell prey to one of the classic blunders. Every time a tiny puff of wind moved that branchlet, my game camera faithfully recorded the event for posterity. And so tricked me into believing that something had at last actually happened on the trail. Bother.

*I made a really boring gif, but for some reason it won’t load onto the post and I’m tired of dicking with it.

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