Moderna Vaccine, first jab: Not dead yet…

Just a progress report on one old guy’s experience with the first jab of the Moderna vaccine. I got it Tuesday just before noon with no immediate side effects. They told me up front the shoulder muscle they had injected it into was going to hurt – that started Tuesday evening and by the first full day I wouldn’t raise my arm over my shoulder without a really good reason. That lasted all Wednesday but significantly backed off overnight and Thursday wasn’t real bad. This morning it’s a little sore to the touch but isn’t impeding arm movement at all.

I slept normally Tuesday night but was very sleepy all Wednesday – I actually napped most of the morning. I woke to a bad headache, but two aspirin killed it. Then Wednesday night I couldn’t stay asleep. Except for that, I didn’t feel very bad Thursday until the afternoon when the headache returned and brought a friend. Again, aspirin helped. (The person who stuck me told me to avoid Ibuprofen and Tylenol, didn’t say anything about aspirin.) Last night I slept like a rock and felt well enough this morning to go for a full morning walkie. Completed that without regret, so I think I’m probably over the symptoms.

I’m supposed to get a second dose in a month but they wouldn’t make a definite appointment because the supply is so iffy. So I’ll see what happens when I call back the first week in March.

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4 Responses to Moderna Vaccine, first jab: Not dead yet…

  1. Ben says:

    Wife had a modestly tender upper arm from her second jab. No other symptoms. My second jab comes soon.

    As you have already noticed, us folks who don’t have regular jobs can limit our exposure to other people, but the average wage earner/parent typically can’t. I think that the folks who are more likely to be exposed (and more likely to expose others) should have been offered the vaccine before us semi-isolated old farts.

  2. Joel says:

    I completely agree. My inclination was to pass it up, and under other circumstances I’d have done so.

  3. Vollinger says:

    Thanks for the update, it’s reassuring since my relatives will probably end up getting the two-dose jab.
    Sounds kinda similar to my experience with the actual coof back in January – was real tired and sleepy for two days, then fine. But I’m not in the at-risk demo.

  4. paulb says:

    Wife is pretty active and did not have a lot of issues. She has been a little lethargic, but not overly so.

    Have to see what #2 does

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