Morning at the Secret Lair…

Whole bunch of boring little domestic things going on this morning. Laundry. Yard cleanup. Nothing to report, really.

Had a little reconfiguring fun yesterday evening during the rain, though…

Wanting to use my computer but not to turn it on, I decided to use this little tablet somebody sent me last year as something besides a boombox. In the powershed I’ve kept an old Cisco wireless router, just because. I dusted it off and plugged it in, and it works just fine!

I never really did the whole “wi-fi hotspot” thing, being more of the books and newspapers generation. And though my satellite dish is pretty hillbilly and will eventually be replaced if somebody ever does something about the cell coverage out here, occasionally still after all these years it still strikes me as kinda cool that I can sit around my off-grid cabin in the desert reading Reason online.

The notion of doing it on a disconnected tablet was just absolutely hilarious. I immediately made myself a mocha and pretended it was overpriced, just to fit in with the rest of the world a bit.

But seriously I’ve been meaning to drag out that router and see if it still worked. The laptop is my biggest power draw and this will actually be useful in winter when photons are at a premium, even with the embiggened solar panel array.

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4 Responses to Morning at the Secret Lair…

  1. Ben says:

    As convenient as it is, that router may draw a non-negligible amount of power, particularly if it is old enough to have an analog wall-wart power supply. (The newer wall-warts are smaller and barely get warm to the touch.)

  2. Joel says:

    Oh, sure. I left it on all night just to judge its effect on battery charge, and when I mount it I’ll put it on the same powerstrip as the modem – which is turned off at night.

  3. Kyle says:

    I think u need to rethink ur laptop and get a new generation pentium touch screen with detachable keyboard using ultra low energy hardware there are some gaming computers that play top of the line games and can run on 200w powersupplies in the last ten years the performance power ratio has plummeted and if u find a laptop or whatever try to make sure it has a special platnium rated. Power supply i think u should be able to get a really powerful one that runs on 50w or less as long as u due dillegence on the newest low power eco hardware go to new and build one for cheap!!!! I have a pentium i 5 its 1 year old i have the eco chip uses 13 watts vs the highest chip on market is like 180 200 watts then my video card is compareable to oh well i dunno but i can run most games on high or even ultra with 40 to 60 fps it uses only 48 watts my mobo uses the most its no an eco mobo at 67 watts i run a 250w platnium rated power supply most people use 750 + if i wanted i think i could go with either a 200w maybe even 150w power supply or with my 250w i can run up to100w video card wich the highest rated ones ever would take around 500 to 600w but now they have brought that to 350w for best video cards thats end game anything under that is gonna use less watts most decent to great cards these days go from 80 to180 watts but my eco mode one i have runs off 43. But u can get a mobo and processor with a video procesor built in for under 40 watts im pretty sure the new light drives ssd would not leach more then 10 watts any other perfials should be covered at around 50watts now u build a touch screen laptop with a keyboard option that can run on about 70watts that had an extra battery u can charge ur mains and charge 1 battery i dunno u might be able to rig something up to really help you make ur solar arrays last and do more for you!!!

  4. tamslick says:

    Modern tablets are downright parsimonious with the electrons.

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