Must be November…

Thursday and much of yesterday brought misery worthy of December. Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and melted the snow, and by 8:30 this morning I was working outside in shirtsleeves.

I’m still trying to work out how best to do my newest chore…

Thursday morning I mistook a brief clearing to be the end of the weather and hung out a bunch of towels. Guess how well that worked. But today I’m feeling better about this big load of general laundry. In summer it would all be dry before lunch: I’m not quite that optimistic but at least it’s supposed to be sunnier and less cold today.

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7 Responses to Must be November…

  1. Terrapod says:

    Unusual for you to beat us with snow (Michigan) but it was 74 yesterday and today still in high 50s with 50 mile per hour wind gusts. You might remember this stuff, or maybe not.

    Hope the water issues with Ian’s place get resolved, water intrusion is a main in the ass, I had to re grade the dirt around the house here and run a lot of downspout drains out to the back of the property to solve them to the 99% level. With spring thaw and a deluge on top still get a tiny bit along the base of the basement walls but that is easily cleaned up.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    No snow here yet in east central Florida!

  3. Hammer says:

    You might get a collapsable wooden drying rack and put it by the wood stove in inclement weather

  4. Mike says:

    Yesterday, we set high temp records that hadn’t been broken since I was born sixty-eight years ago. This coming Friday, the weathertainers are talking snow. These days, the weather seems to be going up and down like a whore’s drawers.

  5. jed says:

    I see you still have at least one of those towels with the red strip down the middle. Looks a bit worse for wear than mine, which are starting to show the same thinning. Still available on Amazon – a dozen for $16. I might have to order them again soon. Considering they’ve lasted 7 years, I think that’s a bargain. Made good padding for a care package too. 🙂

  6. Beaner49Steve Diaz says:

    Totally off the subject but here is something to think about Joel

  7. Mike says:

    Beaner49Steve Diaz… you may want to read this. 👇

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