Must’ve rained more to the east than it did here…

…because we didn’t get enough rain last night to make the wash run.

This is an extremely moderate run, nowhere near even bank-to-bank much less raging torrents that cut new channels through juniper thickets that have been there for centuries and try to carry tractors away. But we can get those floods even when it’s not raining hard here at all, because here isn’t where those floods originate. They start up on the plateau east of here, which is surfaced with non-absorbent shale and is cut by two big canyons that are the start of my wash. When it storms up there, it floods down here. So far it hasn’t really stormed up there – or anywhere else for very long. I can dream that it won’t, because that’s a pain in the ass.

On the other hand if there isn’t at least one good flood annually to carry off the loosest sand and pack down the rest, the wash gets hard to drive on – so you win and lose either way.

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