My last sack of concrete.

I had one left over, just as planned hoped.

The chicks, who look more like pullets now and may be getting big enough not to slip through the chicken yard’s chain link fencing, have spent the past almost two weeks in a cage too small for 13 growing birds. Now that electricity has been sort-of restored to Landlady’s barn they’ve gone back to their warm room but they’re fully feathered out and don’t really need that anymore. If they’re big enough to be confined by the fence, it’s time to move them to the Big Chickenhouse.

But first I had to fix the big gate. It had been wired shut and trenched with concrete. I had to force it open and break up some of that concrete to run the underground conduit for Landlady’s new solar panel array. Now to undo all that work.

LB was unhappy at the beginning. The chicken yard’s alter ego is Gitmo, holder of inconvenient dogs, and LB spent many hours there years ago. Now he’s the only dog and hoped that was behind him. In this pic he’s clearly having flashbacks – he wasn’t letting me out of his sight.


There’s nothing fancy here at all. Clean out the old trench, finding the edges of the existing concrete. Lay down a layer of chicken wire, which will serve to seal the bottom of the gate when it’s closed. This job is so quick and dirty it doesn’t even rate the dignity of a wheelbarrow. Pour dry mix into the trench, add water, stir and shape with a shovel.

The result is brittle, yes, but you want it to be. Like when I had to break it out a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t want to need a jackhammer. It only needs to be strong enough to keep coyotes from digging under the gate. Quick and dirty. Tomorrow (or maybe Friday: I want to work on my panel rack tomorrow) I’ll re-secure the gate.

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