My poor chicken-killing yard will never be the same.

Between the path up the hill and the gully behind the cabin there’s a patch of rather steep yard that’s good for nothing in particular. I put the sink where I butcher chickens at the very edge of it so bloody water can drain into the ditch I dug coming out from the gully, and then I put the wooden block where I behead chickens next to the sink because where else would you put it? Otherwise that little patch of ground is not a lot of use.

It’s not an ideal place to build stuff, but it’s relatively convenient to the powershed, it’s almost shadow-free and it’s not in the way of anything else. So that’s where the new solar panel rack has to go.

There’s been a certain amount of scratching in the hard, rocky ground with a mattock in my immediate past, an activity best indulged early while it’s cool not hot. But this morning before it heats up I get to do something relatively fun; pour the pier columns. Today – in a very small, barely functional but not-financed-with-your-taxes kind of way, I am akin to the great bridge-builders of the early Twentieth. Maybe I’ll get caisson disease!

I’m just jotting this down in lieu of an actual morning post while wolfing down my eggs and toast. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go play Howard Roark. Hey! Maybe later I’ll meet a neurotic heiress who’ll spend a thousand pages or so trying to ruin my life for no apparent reason!

No, wait … that already happened.

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3 Responses to My poor chicken-killing yard will never be the same.

  1. Kentucky says:

    Perhaps you could interest Hank Reardon in your project. I understand he has some pretty good steel.

  2. IM Jones says:

    As I don my Twentieth Century Motors cap to head out to a day in the semi-wilds of Alaska (moose in years again this morning), I will be thinking of you, Joel, living in freedom and on sunlight. I may be starting a discussion group on Atlas Shrugged up here, for while I don’t agree with everything Rand wrote, or did, she has a lot of good ideas to pass along.
    Meanwhile, I hope the concrete pouring goes well, and remember to wear at least two pairs of those protective gloves.

  3. Joel says:

    “Living in freedom and on sunshine…”

    I love that! I need to find a place for that on the sidebar or something. Shiny!

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