New Earpro: Uncle Joel enters the 21st century.

I bought my first pair of offbrand noise-cancelling earmuffs as soon as the price came down to where I could kind of afford them. When they wore out I saved my dimes and bought these. Which are wearing out.

But all the time I’ve lived here what I really wanted was something I wasn’t even sure existed: Noise-cancelling earplugs. Naturally I carry a package of earplugs with me wherever I go, because why wouldn’t I? I carry a pistol wherever I go, and it’s loud, and if there’s time I stick earplugs in before shooting it.

What I really wanted was that thing my Peltors gave me: I could wear them and still hold a conversation that didn’t consist 70% of “What?” And in a hot environment, earmuffs have an obvious inherent disadvantage.

So I did some research a few years ago and of course learned that electronic earplugs are indeed a thing – but at a big price for such tiny things. I did what I usually do in such cases: I bought the cheapest Chinesium crap on the market, telling myself it was only a proof of concept.

And I’ve carried them every day for something like 3 years now…

And they work…kind of. They don’t fit well, any wind at all blasts noise right in your ears, they don’t really amplify sound well at all – important when you’re getting to a certain age and the loudest thing in your life most days is tinnitus. But they did kind of work, and that made them marginally better than a package of foam earplugs.

The Peltors have pretty much worn out, as earmuffs will, and recently I decided it was time to take the plunge. Got my new earplugs a few days ago…

They don’t have a single button on them! And given that they have various functions, that was daunting for the boomer hermit: You have to tap or hold or slide your finger on the mike boom to get them to do this or that, in a sort of code I still find confusing but that actually does work when I do it right. And they’re way better and a lot less uncomfortable than the Chinesium plugs.

The only disadvantage is also kind of an advantage. Instead of a flat little nylon bag they store in this plastic coffin…

Which is clunkier in a pocket but which also has its own battery that recharges the earplugs whenever you’re not using them! Which is cool.

Look at me, all 21st century and stuff!

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6 Responses to New Earpro: Uncle Joel enters the 21st century.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please report on the newer one’s status & performance please. This is interesting.

  2. Funny, but I just got a pair of the Isotunes Caliber earplugs. I’ve only used them mowing grass so far, but they seem to do what they’re supposed to do. The big downside I’ve noticed is that the magnification of ambient sound sometimes renders the sound unidentifiable.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Looks like an excellent chew-toy for Tobie, if he gets the chance unsupervised…

  4. Joel says:

    He’s pretty much past such things, thank whatever gods there may be. But not so recently that I don’t reflexively take steps to protect vulnerable stuff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I use Howard Leight electronic ear pro. Great fit, excellent volume control.

  6. D.O.M. says:

    Two years ago, my Son and I got 3M Peltor in ear electronic earpro. Best thing I ever did. Still going strong today. We got them specifically for a run and gun event ( the Wolverine 5K) where I didn’t want a head set style sliding all over my sweaty head.

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