New holster

My old leather holster is too worn out to be tolerable. Even if there were someone around to do the work I could never afford the custom holster a red dot-equipped L-frame kind of needs and I’m really not prepared to take a razor knife to a brand-new leather holster.

I don’t mind desecrating a new Fobus, though.

I’ve done it before. 😉

And anyway, this holster is almost cut as if it anticipated optics. The required desecration was extremely minor.

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2 Responses to New holster

  1. Stefan v. says:

    Kydex sheets are cheap, I bet you could make a black painted hotbox to use the gentle Arizona sun to consistently heat them to required pliability, and Ian could help with acquiring firearms to make molds for plaster blanks. A business idea forms……Desertman Holsters! Also doing knives, torches, lighters, anything EDC. Please remit 1% of your profits to my Swiss account in gold.

  2. Joel says:

    😀 I’d love to learn how to make kydex holsters and sheaths. Tried it on briefly several years ago and it turned out to be more complex than it looks. Ran out of kydex and stopped.

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