“No Service “

We have some weather yesterday and today and the ‘pooter won’t connect. Gotta get off my thumb and research those cell signal booster thingies because this is getting old.

If it demonstrates my desire to blog at all, at this moment I’m standing on a ridgetop in windy 30-degree weather in spitting rain thumbing this out on my smartphone. Correcting many typos, maybe not all. Hope this is the stupidest thing I do today…

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8 Responses to “No Service “

  1. Phssthpok says:

    “Hope this is the stupidest thing I do today…”

    Especially when you realize you COULD have typed it all out in the cozy, wind-free warmth of home, saved it as a draft, then went to the ridge just long enough to fire it off.

  2. TK421a says:

    I just looked at the weather radar to see what you were writing about. The weather in your part of the worls sure does look nasty. To go out in the rain, climb a hill and be pelted with driving torrents of water just to post on your blog, that’s hardcore. On the plus side, it should be clearing up soon, if not already.

  3. Would it not make more sense to type the message at home where its nice and pleasant and then hit SEND when you get to the broadcast location?

  4. Joel says:

    It wasn’t ‘driving torrents’ at the time, but it was by 9 when I was supposed to meet D&L for the Monday water run. Then it turned to driving snow. I texted them at 8:30 suggesting we put it off till tomorrow but they have too much stuff going on then so we went. And did some sideways driving on the way back, too. Going on 24 hours of rain and the ‘road’ is going to mud.

  5. Joel says:

    Can’t do that with the phone: if there’s no signal I can’t open the blog’s editing page and I don’t have a word processor app on the phone.

  6. TheGreekOnHemlock says:

    Joel: If you have the ability to text, then you could draft a new text message and copy/paste from that to the blog editing software once you have signal.

  7. matismf says:

    At least you surely did not force Laddie to go with you!

  8. This is one of the booster setups that makes the most sense to me. Have not used it myself, the need evaporated before I pulled the trigger. It’s Wilson cell amps and antennas. CheapRVLiving has a 14+ min video if you can watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S2F9xDv0wM

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