Not as secret as you thought it was, was it, Officer?

Thieves Steal Ammunition From Secret Law Enforcement Shooting Range


In a remote, undisclosed location hidden in the Placer County foothills, Lieutenant Troy Sander gave CBS13 full access to the shooting range used by half a dozen area law enforcement agencies.

Lt. Sander collected evidence after thieves broke into this secret range, busting heavy duty locks on military-grade storage bins and making off with hundreds of rounds of police ammunition.

In 20 years, no one’s stolen from this gun range. So why now?

“Jerry Brown signed bills which limited our freedoms in this state,” said Josh Deaser, owner of Just Guns.

Deaser blames a new California law aiming to limit ammo sales. The law requires people to register with the state, get fingerprinted, and undergo background checks when buying a box of bullets.

“No matter what you steal, if it’s something people can’t get, that’s going to create a market for it.”

I could tell a story about a restricted-but-hardly-secret LEO-only firing range that raised a whole lot of hackles when I lived in Socal. But that would be speaking ill of my betters. So instead I’ll just sayhayhayheeheeHAHAHAHA… (gasp…)

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6 Responses to Not as secret as you thought it was, was it, Officer?

  1. Steve in CA says:

    Just hundreds? Pretty poor haul. When my Scouts went to the police range out here they burned through thousands.

  2. Joel says:

    Boy Scouts probably need more shooting to keep qualified. 😈

  3. IM Jones says:

    I think that if they want us to disarm, they should set a good example. They should disarm first—police and politicians and their myrmidons—that is what honest leaders would do. Otherwise, they are hypocrites.

    Oh, we already knew that didn’t we?

  4. MJR says:

    When the dust settles the investigators will probably find out this was an inside job. Give it a couple of years and watch for armed groups to bust into and rob police stations, cop cars and armories, anyplace were ammo is stored. Money is a very powerful incentive.

  5. Judy says:

    Reminds me of that whole Lexington thing. The government trying to restrict the access to armaments. As I recall it didn’t work out real well for the government of the time.

  6. Kentucky says:

    It’s hard to believe that they don’t understand that when you put silly restrictions on stuff it just creates a black market that is supplied thru theft and other illegal activities.

    On second thought, it’s not so hared to believe . . .

    The enstupidation continues apace.

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