Now that was a storm.

…and it struck a little early.

According to the forecast I saw, yesterday was supposed to be colder than Friday and then today was supposed to go all to hell.

That would have been reasonably good timing, because yesterday evening was the scheduled time for one of S&L’s famous all-neighbors parties in honor of a couple of newbies. And the party went off wonderfully well – but we were all aware that the wind had come up an hour or two beforehand and the storm jumped the gun and broke while the party was going on. Which meant…

…not everybody even made it home under their own power. Super-heavy wind, sideways snow, temperature dropped 20o in an hour. The one family that doesn’t have 4X4 ended up stranded and we ferried them home in two different vehicles. 4X4 is usually unnecessary in the boonies – but you don’t always get a lot of warning about when it’s going to stop being unnecessary.

The storm stayed just long enough to make the homeward trip an adventure, then the sky cleared completely. And you know what that meant…

Single-digit temperatures for the first time this winter. Landlady normally comes over for coffee before heading home Sunday morning, so I was in a hurry getting the cabin’s indoor temp presentable.

Funny thing: At one point last night, supper table conversation turned to a list of all the dangerous or possibly-dangerous game we’ve seen so far this winter. One neighbor claimed he saw two bears on his game camera, and was an eye-witness to the brutal murder of a coyote by a mountain lion. That was … motivating news. And then this morning while Landlady and I were enjoying coffee, her dog suddenly wanted into the cabin and when she got in she was trembling and the hair on her back was all standing up. She had seen or smelled something she thought called for immediate human intervention or at least comfort. I asked Landlady if she was carrying, and she admitted she was not. So – I lent her a rifle and she didn’t even give me a funny look. That’s not weird. Right?

Then I went off for chicken chores…

…and I have to say at least the storm aftermath made for a beautiful still morning.

Here’s how strong the wind got last night…

That’s the inside of Landlady’s woodbox, which is on a covered porch normally sheltered from the wind. Except it can come whistling around the corner of her dining room hard enough to rip open the lid, which is why I keep it locked with that snap link. But snow blew into the box even though it was locked shut.

I got home to a nice warm cabin…

…got my coat and boots off, and then looked at the voltmeter…

“Dammit, Joel!”

And put it all back on again…

And now hopefully I can relax, make a mocha and stay indoors until afternoon chicken chores.

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11 Responses to Now that was a storm.

  1. Paul B says:

    We have 6 to 8 inches on the ground. I new weather was coming but rarely depend on the predictions for amount. Going buy the hardware store they were moving some of the snow blowers out before it came in. Festive for this time of year.

  2. Ben says:

    I LOVE this sort of rambling slice-of-life post Joel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joel, what about the newbies with the goats. Are they in tents or trailer

  4. We’re looking at rain/freezing rain/”winter precipitation” starting Tuesday here in NC. Given most people here think 4WD exempts you from the laws of physics, I expect scanner listening to be most humorous if this comes to pass.

  5. Joel says:

    Joel, what about the newbies with the goats. Are they in tents or trailer

    They’re in one of those prefabricated sheds with a woodstove. Sometimes wonder if they ever got around to insulating it – kind of doubt it but don’t know. They certainly seem hardy sorts. I’d be bitching long and loud by now, but they just party on.

  6. Kentucky says:

    Does everybody have everybody else’s cell ‘phone numbers in case of emergencies?

  7. Joel says:

    Kind of depends on relationships. I imagine most people have somebody’s. Not everyone even gets enough cell signal to bother having a phone.

  8. ED NOTE: We’ll just let that be our little secret, CZ.


  9. Cederq says:

    When you went out on your chicken chores, you carried your big pistola right? Cougars are not fun to handle bare knuckled….

  10. Joel says:

    Sure, that’s what it’s for.

  11. Kentucky says:

    “So – I lent her a rifle and she didn’t even give me a funny look. That’s not weird. Right?”

    Right. That’s living in the wayoutback. 😉

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