Now this is a care package for a hermit!

Landlady came up last evening. The roads are still okay but somewhat moist and the weather is iffy, so just to be on the safe side I met her at the county road and shuttled her and Dharma in.

And she came bearing food!

Check this out. Fifty pounds of flour, a six-pack of this great canned chicken Costco carries, and…

Fourteen roughly one-pound chunks of frozen pork! If I get caught with any of these after the Caliphate is established, my head’s gonna roll for sure. So don’t tell anybody, but Uncle Joel will be eating meat this winter! Yes!

It’s true, I’ve been known to criticize people whose notion of preparedness is a freezer full of meat and veggies. But that’s because of the problems with grid power, not with ice. Ice is good – as long as it’s not forming on the inside of your windows. Meanwhile there’s this perfectly good freezer here, run on off-grid power, and no reason not to use it.

Also, this morning we moved the new pullets to their permanent home. Oh, some of them will eventually end up at the Fortress of Attitude but we’ll work that out in the fullness of time.

This batch is more active and more actively fearful than the others. Everything is horrible in its own way, and as always they were certain we meant to kill them in the worst manner imaginable – and they seem to have quite active imaginations. When I came back with the camera most were still huddling in the corner of their spacious new digs…

But a few were starting to explore.


Dharma thought all this activity was wonderful, and wanted more.

Dharma is sort of the anti-Ghost. I don’t really believe she prefers my company to that of Landlady, but she much prefers the boonies to the city and she’ll move in with me if that’s the only way she can stay here forever. Last evening after we got Landlady unpacked she refused to come in the house, instead running back and climbing in the Jeep. That’s like the third time she’s done that. I like her fine but she’s an obnoxious ball of energy and she can’t stay with me. I’m old and cranky and low energy. Just saying.

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3 Responses to Now this is a care package for a hermit!

  1. Ben says:

    Three cheers for the world’s best Landlady! 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    Maybe if she spent some time with you and LB, she would come to realize how great life with Landlady is. ;>)

    They say freezer work better when full. And since the power is off-grid. Why not fill it?

  3. coloradohermit says:

    Thanks for the pic of Dharma. She’s a pretty girl. Glad you’re getting that winter pantry stocked.

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