Oh, crap. I am suddenly offended that I’m poor* …

Four words: Monster Hunter International Ammunition.

On the one hand you need it like a hole in the head. On the other hand, you need it.

Or would, if it were really a cool box of MHI ammo. Really as far as I can tell it’s just FN bullets with the smiley logo, so what would you do with them? Seems to me it’d be a much more amusing conversation piece if it were a niftily-printed box of ammo. This appears to be a niftily-printed box of bullets. Maybe I’m wrong?

*even though it’s totally my choice

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3 Responses to Oh, crap. I am suddenly offended that I’m poor* …

  1. Bear says:

    They’re doing both bullets and loaded ammunition. Sadly, not yet with the silver ball insert, though they have an experimental anti-lycanthrope round with a dry silver lube.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wish I had thought of all that “Zombie” and related stuff.

  3. Unclezip says:

    I still have a box of Hornady Zombie Max (just in case) ammo in 9mm. It’s a hollow point filled with some kind of bright green plastic. Bought a couple of boxes a few years ago, and after going through one, got bored. Not enough Zombies in this area, and the next big Zombie city doesn’t allow carry.

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