Oh! I forgot something…

Landlady has been Uncle Joel’s Internet Angel for several-going-on-many years now, and this week she introduced me to the Magic Elf Box…

A genuine pre-owned iPhone 6, baby. I hereby decree that henceforth you can’t be a privacy-obsessed hermit without lugging a smartphone around.

I’m, um, still learning to use it…

What does this button do? Oh.

What does this button do? Oh.

So it may be a while before I retire my dumb phone. But it is pretty cool. And it’s already done wonders for the bandwidth limits on the Official TUAK Hotspot.

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7 Responses to Oh! I forgot something…

  1. George says:

    You are going to lose your desert hermit red.

    To save bandwidth, go into settings, and under General turn off background app refresh.

  2. Joel says:

    Good advice, done. Thanks!

    I’ll note what effect if any that has on battery life, too.

  3. Zelda says:

    Wow. Between your new, elegant home and this, hermitting sure ain’t like it was for you 10 years ago Can’t wait to see photos of the tatting made from flour bag strings once you get it attached to your pants, sleeping bag and pillowcases…

  4. bmq215 says:

    I’d suggest downloading a flashlight app (assuming the iPhone doesn’t come with one. I’m an Android guy so no idea). The “flash” LED on most smartphones can throw out some useful light and it’s nice to have on tap if you ever need it.

  5. M says:

    Your hands are way bigger than I thought


  6. terrapod says:

    I hope that gadget does not drive you insane. There is normal person logic and there is Apple logic, they rarely cross paths. My work phone is that same model, my personal one is Android. The apple is a mystery every time I need to do something which on the Android is a snap. Good luck with it, but that wi-fi node feature is great for sure.

  7. Joel says:

    terrapod, the wi-fi node thing was an issue until today. The original idea was that the iPhone would take over for the wi-fi hotspot, and save a buck. But nobody had tried it with a Linux operating system, and at first it didn’t work for me. Turns out it was just one of those things; sometimes my laptop doesn’t want to connect with the hotspot, either, and I have to finagle it. But when at first it didn’t work I thought, Okay, it’s just a linux/apple compatibility thing, right?

    But then this afternoon in an idle moment I tried it again, and it worked beautifully. And I just this minute came back from dinner at Landlady’s, turned on the laptop and it connected to the iPhone with just a little prompting, nothing I’d have found very out of the way with the hotspot.

    So it looks like it might work out as a replacement for the hotspot as well, which economically is a big plus.

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