Oh, this is sweet. Bloomberg and the Demanding Moms can’t even win when they win.

Bloomberg’s Colossal Nevada Collapse.

CARSON CITY — A new law requiring background checks for private party gun sales in Nevada is unenforceable because it prohibits the state from running those checks through its databases, and the FBI said it will not conduct them, the attorney general’s office said in an opinion issued Wednesday…

…But unlike retail sales, the initiative states that dealers conducting background checks for private party transfers must contact the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System “and not the Central Repository,” which is operated by the state, to determine whether the buyer is eligible to purchase or possess firearms under state and federal law.

“The Background Check Act mandates that the FBI conduct all background checks for personal transfers,” Monica Moazez, spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, said in a statement. “The FBI, on Dec. 14, informed the Department of Public Safety that it will not conduct these background check

So now I expect they’ll try to turn this around the way the DC gungrabbers did: ‘Since the new law is in effect but impossible to implement, I guess that makes all gun ‘trafficking’ impossible. And therefore illegal.’ Wadayawanna bet somebody won’t actually come out and say that?

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One Response to Oh, this is sweet. Bloomberg and the Demanding Moms can’t even win when they win.

  1. M Ryan says:

    Like Dr. Freud said to the guy on the couch… “I’m of two minds about your schizophrenia.”

    The first thing that struck me about this was the incompetence of the writer who drafted the bill and those who reviewed it, or was it incompetence? To me this almost looks like a bit of monkey wrenching.

    The second thing that came to my mind was if this was not monkey wrenching then it could be the first step in statewide firearm registration. It could be used as the excuse since they cannot use the FBI database then they will want to build their own of everything that goes bang.

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