Ok, this is more like it.

Temp’s in the mid-thirties at mid-morning, no clouds, no wind (yet). Nice day.

Uncle Joel is happy. Not riding-the-bike-to-town happy, but fingers and toes that don’t hurt isn’t too much to ask. Let’s get some stuff done.

Good day for laundry even though it’s only been three days. Never know when we’ll get another nice one.

Tobie and I went for a nice walkie to service the new trail camera. It’s not doing the blog any good at the moment because I can’t use the laptop online but I got a nice night portrait of a curious coyote two nights ago.

This poor juniper grove – actually a single very old tree – has a hate/hate relationship with the Lair. Every time I add to the building I have to remove a major piece of the tree, and every time the tree grows in its direction I have to remove a small piece.

In January my granddaughter made a couple of clay faces for some vertical cuts. They’re really quite frightening. Anyway…

…that bit right there scrapes the metal roof right above where I sit and read every time the wind blows, which in winter is all the time. It’s been driving me nuts but when the weather is winter- unpleasant I don’t feel like balancing on a shaky ladder to cut it off. This morning I finally got around to doing it.

Then I accumulated some underfloor insulation damage. Crawling around under the cabin is my second-least favorite chore, next to digging up broken pipes, and with all the layers that have been added to the floor on the past several years I don’t even know how important it really is, but I guess it’s the principle of the thing. So I brought home some washers that won’t slip off the head of a drywall screw, and that will work better to hold the sheets in place than the original construction cement did.

Just irritating little things that crop up while it’s too cold out for the old man to want to be crawling or climbing around. This is the time of year when I start to wake up and get more active.

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5 Responses to Ok, this is more like it.

  1. Ben says:

    Think of any tree that touches your roof as a highway that helps critters get where they don’t belong.

  2. Malatrope says:

    Speaking of unpleasant issues, is that termite damage on that horizontal board at the top of the new(ish) post on the right side of the bottom picture?

  3. “Uncle Joel is happy”
    Yeah…you *look* happy.

  4. Joel says:

    …is that termite damage on that horizontal board at the top of the new(ish) post on the right side of the bottom picture?

    Yes it is. I ensured a lack of termites before using the board, but a 12-foot board is too valuable not to use.

    Yeah…you *look* happy.

    Uncle Joel has often been told that he is cursed with a resting bitch face beyond compare.

  5. Mike says:

    Joel, that “resting face” of yours goes hand in hand with the winter we’ve had. The latest comments from the weathertainers have placed this past winter in Ontario as one of the darkest in more than 80 years. Even now with spring upon is, there is snow in the forecast this afternoon, tomorrow, and the majority of next week.

    Thanks for posting the lovely, sunny photos. They give a slight aura of hope.

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