Okay, I’m gonna stop talking about the weather now. Till next time.

Except to say we finally got our first single-digit night, and the cabin came through pretty well. Unfortunately the fire I set to smolder decided it would rather go out entirely, fairly early, so things did get a bit shivery. But it was a sunny afternoon in the Caribbean compared to what the RV put me through night after night for five winters, and I am completely not complaining. This was the first morning when I felt the lack of floor insulation, but still – a wool sock under a sandal, and my toes were a little chilly but nowhere near frostbit. I’ll take it.

Now we’re due, if the weatherman continues his surprising run of accuracy, for several sunny days with increasingly warm afternoons. Now that I have my chains back the wood rack is filling back up nicely, the Jeep starts and runs better (The power had gotten so low it didn’t even like to idle – I’m guessing it was messing with the injector pulsewidths, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a bad battery cause an engine not to want to run right) and all is right with my world. Looks like the satellite dish will get moved early next week – if all goes well, which around here is by no means guaranteed.

Speaking of the RV, it took roughly a week for the vermin to decide the coast was clear. And they must have been impressive: I left maybe an inch of food in the dog’s dish, figuring I might want to shelter LB in there during the transition. That never happened, but that food is completely gone.

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  1. MamaLiberty says:

    So glad your situation is improved, Joel. And I sympathize about the fire. I paid quite a bit for this “airtight” stove, and it does a dandy job of heating if I keep it fed every few hours, but so far I’ve not been at all successful in banking the fire to have even coals left the next morning. I probably don’t have the right kind of wood and might do better with hickory or such, but that’s not an option here. Such is life…

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