Okay, so maybe sometimes it’s best to leave the gun home…

Ohio Dental Patient Learns Mixing Nitrous and Guns Is No Laughing Matter

A 72-year-old Ohio man learned this the hard way after accidentally shooting himself after receiving a dose of Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) and reaching for what he believed was his ringing cell phone, authorities said.

I dislike dentist appointments as much as anyone alive. But shooting yourself over it seems extreme.

h/t to Big Brother.

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4 Responses to Okay, so maybe sometimes it’s best to leave the gun home…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    EEGads. That’s bad. When I go to the dentist, my gun belt is left on a chair in the corner of the room. I can keep an eye on it, but would have to get out of the chair and deliberately retrieve it if needed. Could not be drawn accidentally.

    Bet the dentist will check on that, or refuse service to this guy from now on. But really, I can’t even imagine mistaking a handgun for a cell phone. They are shaped differently… And at least my phone doesn’t have a trigger!

  2. Kentucky says:

    Unfortunately, altered states produce altered perception.

  3. M Ryan says:

    Folks like ML have a handle on the responsibility that goes along with owning and carrying a firearm where this guy is an idiot. Every dentist I have ever been to has told me what’s going on every step of the way including what drugs are being used. If this dentist hadn’t told the fool what he was doing, how long would it have taken to ask the dentist about the medications effects, take the gun off and put it in plain view on a chair?

    Sadly I suspect that dentist will make everybody else suffer by banning concealed-carry on his premises putting others at risk.

  4. Robert says:

    The motions I make to pick up my phone versus unholstering and pulling the trigger seem rather dissimilar. My last dental visit, I noticed the “No Weapons Allowed!” window decal was missing. The office manager (who reassured her boss that she carries only outside of work) said she thought it might be due to the pharmacy being robbed. Too bad these folks don’t oh, I dunno, talk openly about these issues. I’d ask if I can carry but would hafta stop if my dentist said no. Maybe.

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