Old Uncle Joel creeps into the 21st Century…

At last night’s surprise party I received a few Joel-centric gag gifts that’ll probably never be used and one that’s already in use…

…and a not-at-all gag gift from Ian, who came all the way up here to surprise me…

Arex Delta Gen 2, a sort of Sig-adjacent polymer striker-fired nine with all the latest improvements that can win the heart even of a boomer who spent most of his adult life dismissing polymer striker-fired nines as beneath his notice. This pistol even has a trigger that could be called crisp. I’ve been waiting for it for quite some time but Ian’s a busy guy, so it sort of became a Joel-turns-70 present. I really appreciated him and some other friends going to the trouble of coming all the way up here just to make my day.

So you know how I wanted to spend the day but I’d already made a promise to Neighbor L…

D&L have a roof leak where no such should be possible, and she thought she knew where it was coming from. I don’t actually agree that’s where the water is coming in, but what do I know. Anyway with D still laid up she needed help with the ladder and such. And having taken care of that…

…I could zero my new optic in preparation for practice/familiarization/break-in/fun. I’ve got quite a lot of 9mm practice ammo laid by in anticipation of the happy arrival.

I still have to score a holster before it can become my new everyday pistol but the timing on that is pretty good. I’ll be taking it to the biggish town about 30 miles away, which happens to have a pretty fair gun shop, on Tuesday. There’s no way they’ll have a holster specific to an Arex but it is said that some Glock holsters will fit.

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10 Responses to Old Uncle Joel creeps into the 21st Century…

  1. mikemcdowell3006 says:

    Happy birthday!! YAY! Ya made it. I’m a Glock (and 1911, Hi Power, Smith, Colt, Ruger) guy. That pistola is probably at least as good as Glock. My G19 has been trouble free since 1990. Today’s premium 9mm ammo delivers stopping power right in there with the best of all calibers. Except for 357 mag with screaming 125gr. lead tip, semi jacketed, hollow points. Still, 9mm is close, new technology matters. Dot sights rule. Plus it holds 3 times as many pills.

  2. matismf says:

    Would any of these holsters:
    work for you?
    Belated Happy Birthday!

  3. Anonymous says:

    A G.I. Tanker holster has been a pretty good ‘fits all’ holster for me. Used to be very inexpensive, but like many firearm accessories, prices have gone up.

    You have some GOOD friends sir. Congratulations.

  4. Anonymous says:

    An Arex Delta Gen 2, eh? Well, colour me envious, very nice.

    Regarding holsters, on the plus side, holsters used for the Sig P320 should work well, at least from what I’ve seen online.

  5. Seventy-year-old one-legged man climbing around on a roof? Hardy soul, that.

  6. Joel says:

    MM, thanks for that link. I was unable to find any holster supplier who specified Arex.

  7. matismf says:

    So will any of those work for you?

  8. Joel says:

    So will any of those work for you?

    Yeah, I see one I really want. It can’t quite seem to decide if it’s called a Triton Drop Holster or a Safariland UBL Mid Ride Holster. Can’t just say “that one,” though, because the options get really specific.

  9. matismf says:

    Have you tried to contact them to see if they can help you choose? And while you’re at it, ask if they ship to a P.O. Box.

  10. Ben says:

    If I had a metal roof out in the boonies with a sudden leak, I would probably look closely for bullet holes. Some folks (who don’t understand basic physics) seem to think that shooting up in the air is harmless fun.
    Also, over a period of time and with patience, you can troubleshoot a leak by moving a tarp around until the leak disappears, and then keep moving the tarp until the leak just reappears.

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