On the suggestions in the skirting thread…

It’ll be hard enough getting the skirting to look halfway decent, being as how the Lair is built on a slope. The only purpose of skirting the cabin is to keep wind from whistling through in winter, it won’t be as elaborate as some of you guys are making it out to be. I have more siding material than corrugated roofing, but siding is out because of the termites: No wood attached to the cabin must ever touch the ground. So corrugated roofing it is, and unfortunately between now and winter I’ll have to buy some more because I only have 64 square feet.

Also, a quarter of the area under the Lair is fenced off for Little Bear’s den and the entrance to that, beside the stairs, can’t be skirted. Other than that there might have been some hope of keeping rodents out, which would let me use that open space for storage. As it is, though, trying to store building materials in there was my biggest mistake. Packrats won’t nest in open space, they want jumbles of stuff and pallets are perfect. I’ll try to arrange the skirting so the only way a rat could get in is through LB’s space – which wouldn’t work out well for a rodent in the long run – or burrowing under. Not much interested in trenching through the rocks again, but I may bunker it with sand. At the moment I’ve got lots of sand I have to do something with.

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  1. MJR says:

    That is definitely a conundrum you have. I was just curious and took a look at some of the options. One that may work for you is if you have access to a cheap/free supply, you could use bricks or cinder block as a skirt like the RV folks do, Another option (working under the assumption there are rocks around) is to pick up any rocks and use them around your place in addition to the sand bags. Just a thought…

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