Well, it’s hooked up. Everything works.

And I was just about to push it into the utility closet – which it will fill – when the voice of reason turned up and said…

“How are you planning to turn out the light, Joel? Since you put the switch all the way in the far corner, which you will no longer be able to reach? Moron.”

So before I can actually push the washer into position, I have to reposition that switch. Which won’t take a long time or any effort at all, but for crying out loud…

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5 Responses to Oops

  1. Robert says:

    In the meantime, use a stick?

  2. Joel says:

    That’s exactly what I did.

    But since I’m sort of being paid to be the village handyman, technical revisions are in order.

  3. Robert says:

    GMTA! Some caveman is saying “See? I told you my stick idea was a keeper!”

  4. Kentucky says:

    Will access to that inline valve on the left wall present a similar problem?

  5. Joel says:

    No it won’t, for a reason that didn’t become obvious until I studied that photograph last night. We put up those wall frames originally because (I guess) you put the utilities in a utility closet. So we figured we needed one. But in truth there’s no reason to have one, hence why nobody ever skinned over the walls or put a door on, and now those frames are seriously in the way. So taking them – or at least the one on the right – completely out of there has been added to this week’s projects.

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