Our little boy is growing up…

Landlady’s house now has one coat of stucco, but only on the front where the porch is. Too long a story, but basically we ran out of stucco. So this morning I was free to go and nod at my shit-shoveling duties.

This is Comet, J&H’s newest colt. He got rejected by his mother, and the only two things in life he’s not afraid of are Gaia, Torrie’s foal, and the milk bottle. Actually now he’s graduated to drinking it out of a bucket.

He’ll rarely have anything to do with me, but sometimes he can be surprising. This morning I went down to a little gully in the big corral to rescue the babies’ big play ball. I sent it rolling across the corral, and Comet ran after it. Then he abruptly left it and walked up to touch noses with me, out of the blue. After a few seconds (I carefully didn’t try to touch him, because he hates that) he seemed to remember that he was supposed to be afraid of me, started champing his jaws in the body language I’m told means “Don’t kill me, I’m just a baby,” and bolted off.

He does love to play with Gaia, though, and they’ll play in the sun for hours at a time.

And this is Visioness, the mare H replaced Solari with. She’s the closest thing to a friendly horse on the whole place. When I clean her enclosure, I have to schedule time to do her homage or she gets testy. She thinks the world of mankind exists to worship her, and for all I know she’s right.

BTW, when I got home this afternoon I had a granddaughter update. Due date is still about four weeks away, but now the OB is hedging her bets. Basically, I could be a granddad any minute now.

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3 Responses to Our little boy is growing up…

  1. Landlady says:

    “I could be a granddad any minute now.”

    Eeeeeee! I’m so excited! 🙂

  2. KurtP says:

    Congrats on the grand-daddy thing!

    That bowing to the horse because he’s god brings up something I read,,,(on the internet) that’s not good for horses longevity.

    ….Something on Flopping Aces blog and the author is Snookum, Skookum…

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    Anxious to hear about the baby, and wishing the new mother well. I remember. 🙂

    And Comet needs some serious handling and socialization NOW, before it gets too big and hard to catch. I’ve worked with lots of them and they are a big pain. But both of the foals are adorable.

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