Poor timing, perhaps…

Just in time for the Sabbath Gasbags discussing her latest public collapse.

Also, you ever notice how Hillary’s wrinkles come and go, depending on who photoshopped the pic? How come the same newsies can’t make Trump’s hair look plausible?

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2 Responses to Poor timing, perhaps…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    One theory about Hillary’s come and go features is that she has a double… an actress who takes her place at times. Makes perfect sense, for her. The movies make it work all the time. Plastic surgery and makeup…

    Who knows, maybe the double would be a better person. Remember “Double Star,” by RAH? A has been nobody becomes a galaxy wide politician when the guy he’s doubling for dies. Neat story. I especially love the part about the “emperor” who likes to play with model trains.

    Wonder how that story would have read if RAH had met someone like Hillary before he wrote it. Might have changed a LOT of what he wrote. He was generally much too kind to politicians and their machinations.

  2. Joel says:

    I read his biography, and was surprised to learn the extent to which he was familiar with (and willing to take advantage of) machine politics. Corrupt and generally foul persons in the political arena would have found it difficult to shock him.

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