Progress in spite of myself

Okay, I couldn’t get the racking up today. Dammit. Bummed, I went over to Landlady’s and finished the Chicken Yard/Gitmo Sealing Project, wiring the big gate shut, wiring the chicken wire to the gate, wiring wire around suspiciously large gaps in the wire…

…got home and it occurred to me that there was a large messy and very obvious thing I could finish on the new rack, now that it was getting hot…

Dumbass, pull the cable through the conduit and bury the conduit. Earlier I expensively acquired 70 feet of 8-gauge stranded cable, which is what S likes for the DC power from the panels. Pulling it was going to be a pain since (of course) I’m not using proper conduit with nice gradual 90o turns, but 1 1/2″ PVC with elbows. I can’t even get a fish tape around those elbows. So I used the fish tape to pull the cable through the long straight section, then fished it through the elbows and shorter sections by hand. I’d already trenched, of course, and bored a hole in the powershed floor. So once I got everything together it was a simple sweaty matter of working the idiot stick until the dirt was back where it belonged.

No sooner had I done that than the clouds rolled back in, the temperature dropped ten degrees, and it commenced to storm. So I guess it’s okay that I did it in whatever sun and heat we got, since the cloudy and cool on both sides of the hot interval was raining cats and dogs.

Having done that I washed up and went to work on baking.


The storm passed quickly, but it looks like it’s going to rain off and on all evening. So I’m going to call it a night for the ‘pooter and give the batts a rest.

Have a nice one yourself.

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