Progress Report: Still not done.

I hoped to have more done by now, but I’m not feeling as well as yesterday. I think this unexpected heat wave is starting to drain my precious bodily givashit. Anyway all the pieces are cut and sanded…

LB and I got a fairly late start, compared to what I’d planned…

I bought five sheets of plywood for the floor, with a square footage of exactly four sheets. It was a race with the inevitable wastage to see if I’d have to cut into that lovely fifth sheet. I lost.

And it took a long time to get them right, but finally I had all the short pieces and the threshold.

Then came sanding in the hot sun, plus cutting and re-sanding those long pieces near the door to accommodate the new small threshold piece, and…

There ya go. The short sections aren’t nailed down yet and the long sections aren’t nailed down a lot, so if it seems like things are still kind of sticking up in spots they are, but it’s all part of the plan. Anyhow you can see how it’ll look.

We’ll see how I feel after lunch and a bit of a sit-down – I may get to work nailing everything down this afternoon, or I may wait till the cool of the morning. I’m rather happy with the way this turned out and would rather not screw it up while I’m tired and cranky, so I may celebrate and take the afternoon off. Find a shady spot and read a book.

I rather like the light shade, so the stain I bought is as light as I could get it.

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4 Responses to Progress Report: Still not done.

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Take a rest. I’ve had to do picky work when I was tired and cranky. Not good, and no good ever came of it. 🙂 Just more stuff to be tired and cranky about. I suspect you’ll find that filling in the little cracks and crevices will be even more difficult. So save your energy for that.

  2. Claire says:

    Yeah, what ML says, Joel. Especially now that you’re down to finish work.

    Looks great, though, and more and more you’ve got me thinking about doing the same type of flooring in a couple of rooms. Two questions if I may:

    What thickness and grade of plywood are you using?

    And what are you going to use (if anything) to fill the cracks between planks?

  3. jabrwok says:

    For those with the requisite bandwidth, John Heisz, a Canadian woodworker, has a video on installing plywood-strip flooring here:

  4. Joel says:

    Claire, it’s just 1/2″ clear plywood, nothing special. And I have a can of Plastic Wood, but with some re-arrangement of planks this morning I’m not sure I’ll use it. Not at all in the bedroom proper, for sure. Those seams came out great: I used the material I knew I’d messed up in the closet.

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