QoD: “See, this is why I should never read political news in the morning” edition

It’s early yet, but if Clinton successfully walks the tightrope we could experience a dramatic ideological reorganization. A Clinton coalition that mixes populist with establishmentarian, capturing both disgusted center-right Republicans and wary independent Sandernistas, could be the biggest tent American politics has seen since Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency while he was bombing Cambodia.

Mind you, this writer is actually pro-Clinton. And he titled his piece “Can Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Save the Establishment?” So the hippies have won…if only they can strive to be more like Tricky Dick Nixon for the next five months, and fend off the forces of anti-establishmentarianism…



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2 Responses to QoD: “See, this is why I should never read political news in the morning” edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s the forces of antidisestablishmentarianism you have to worry about.
    I know that word because in 1968 it was considered the longest word in the English language…

  2. Joel says:


    It’s funny you should mention that word, because I was thinking of it when I wrote that post. My older brother taught it to me – long before 1968, I think I was seven or eight years old. I had no dreaming clue what it meant but kept trying to work it into sentences just because it sounded so opaquely cool.

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