Quotidian: (adj) Occurring or returning daily.

My quotidian chores have lately taken up so much time in small bites over the whole daytime period that I’m kind of having to push a bit to get my seasonal chores done.

These guys…

I negotiated the 6am-7pm five-visit schedule down to four visits from six to four, because that 7pm visit was really getting to me: By 7 I’m normally watching a movie or reading a book with my gut wrapped around an adult beverage. I give the horses their evening hay just before leaving from the 4pm feed and cleanup and they can save it for nighttime if they want, they’re both adults. Even so, whatever I’m doing through the day I have to stay mindful of the clock, because every day at certain times I have to drop what I’m doing and go do horse stuff a mile away even if only for a few minutes. Kind of messes with your day.

Not that it’s all labor and drudgery, of course. About a week ago I dragged down what was once probably my favorite fiction book…

Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon. It’s an enormously clever book – and also just downright enormous, my copy is 1130 pages not counting appendix (!) and though I’m enjoying the re-read after many years I have to admit it hasn’t worn that well with me: Stephenson can get so determinedly clever that if he were in the room I would sometimes whirl my hand in an effort to get him to drop the jokey hyperbolic similes and get bloody on with it. Be that as it may, it’s the literary equivalent of comfort food and I’m probably spending too much time with it when I ought to be out cutting wood.

I am getting things done, in prep for winter…

I finished patching Ian’s retaining wall quite some time ago.

This is Landlady’s deck stairs, whose foundation is built on sand in a way Jesus would probably have disapproved. During the Monsoon it suffered a pretty serious sinkhole problem which I fixed…

…after hauling in a bunch of small rocks to plug the bottom and also most of the actual sinkhole to keep it from happening again – at least at that spot. Only about the top six inches under the pavers is wash sand now.

There are the ladies…

…and the batteries…

And since it looks as though things are finally going to start getting cold at night, I recently went around to check on things like heat tapes…

…and making sure Landlady’s water is turned off and wet wall drained.

So I’m keeping busy but not with anything especially blogworthy. I keep saying I’m going to go out and shoot more, I’m not that low on ammo. But as with the chainsaw, the gun stuff keeps getting pushed back to mañana. And also the blog, just lately. I’m not really that busy, just sort of at mental maximum.

Got some news about Neighbor L: She’s been in a rehab center for (mumblemumble) days/weeks now, and apparently there’s a fairly solid plan for her to come home on Thursday this week! Of course that won’t get me out of doing D&L chores in the foreseeable future, but it’s still good news. She’s apparently doing quite well and I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

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9 Responses to Quotidian: (adj) Occurring or returning daily.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting, I was getting worried.

  2. SoCoRuss says:

    Oh yea, fall is the heavy chores time for me also. Also its when the wife decides there is even more to do to add to my honey do list before winter sets in.

    Whats a wet wall? That’s a new term for me.

  3. jed says:

    > …my favorite fiction book

    Surprising, coming from a Heinlein completist. 🙂

    That was the 1st Stephenson book I read (or, was it Snow Crash?), and it caused me to buy and read several more, though I haven’t read all of his. I probably went through the Baroque Cycle faster than anything else I’ve read, other than Rand.

    That was all back when my eyeballs could tolerate long sessions of reading.

  4. Alex says:

    I re-read Cryptonomicon every 5 years or so, and it hasn’t gotten tedious.


    Several other of Stephenson’s efforts are tedious – I’ve been trying to get through Reamde since it came out 10 years ago, keep putting it down partway through because of “life” and having to start over 2 years later. I haven’t gone near his 3 book Baroque cycle series because 6 gazillion pages is much more of an investment that I care to make and both my employer and my family have counseled against it. Reading those 3 would be like committing oneself to a monastery for life.

    But, about Cryptonomicon, if you think the book is tedious, just wait until the movie comes out……it’ll be a 24-disk set.

  5. A “wet wall” is a wall with plumbing in it. Having plumbing in exterior walls can be problematic when the temps get and stay cold. I expect that situation is why Joel was draining the plumbing.

  6. Joel says:

    Surprising, coming from a Heinlein completist. 🙂

    I felt a bit disloyal even writing that, TBH. But a lot of Heinlein has aged even worse with me than Stephenson has. Couldn’t really say why, though he could be kind of preachy.

  7. Mike says:

    Good news on L’s progress. One thing, be careful that you don’t burn out, considering all the work you’re doing.

  8. Steve Walton says:

    Heinlein did get preachy in his older years, but his characters were likeable old bastards nonetheless. Robert was a strange combination of liberal and conservative (though he disowned the viewpoints in Stranger in a Strange Land) which makes his later books interesting to study.

  9. Ben says:

    “ Quotidian”. Thanks for a new word, one that I’ve never encountered before.

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