Rain and pain and then D had another ministroke…

Thursday’s rain was predicted but it wasn’t predicted to go on all day and night. It wasn’t even cold but I lit the morning fire just to dry out the interior. I planned on just hanging around the Lair and nursing my back, which I kind of messed up (again) hauling rocks and sand the day before. Then around mid-morning L phoned to say D was apparently having another TIA and she was taking him to the hospital. (sidebar: whoever she spoke to at the hospital was insistent about sending an EMT and clearly didn’t understand the situation at all. People have tried to get ambulances out here before – not the best solution if the patient can get into a 4X4.)

Anyway, of course I assured them I’d take care of the animals which of course I did. It turned out (apparently, I mean who really knows) to be a transitory thing, maybe a shot across his bow in terms of blood pressure though I know he’s really been watching his pressure and it has slowly been coming down, plus in his experience as well as mine “blood pressure medicine” often comes with side-effects worse than the condition it’s supposed to treat. But this is really concerning; he’s been doing really well and apparently on the way to full recovery but now I’m worried we’re just going to have to get used to living on a knife edge.

Anyway, yesterday (and today) my back still hurts and there hasn’t been anything cheery to blog about. It’s just sort of midwinter.

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3 Responses to Rain and pain and then D had another ministroke…

  1. Mike says:

    Joel, I’m sorry to hear about your friend D and I’m glad the dice rolled in his favour during the trip to emergency. The reason I say rolled the dice is the potential issues when driving a person with a potentially life-threatening issue as opposed to transporting via ambulance or helicopter.

    Sadly they will be living on the knife-edge and sooner or later will have to re-evaluate living way off the grid. It’s nice to think that you can just jump into the 4X4 and drive to energency. But, what if the TIA became a major stroke? Can L drive, monitor D’s vitals and can start life-saving treatment for D on the way to the emergency room?

    Going to be some hard choices ahead for D&L.

  2. Prayers for D that this was a one-off with complete healing. Sadly, I have to agree with the points that Mike made because DH and I had that exact experience. As DH’s physical and mental health declined, we finally had to decide to move back into town. After 20 years of living off-road and off-grid it was a tough transition, but the ongoing downhill decline made it clear that we made the right decision.

  3. RB ib GA says:

    When you have TIA’s, the side effects of the meds are truly secondary. Theyre commonly called mini-strokes for good reason. From my experiences as a RN, TIA’s rarely occur once, and often are a harbringer of a true CVA. I wish them both the best, but he really needs to follow whatever medical advice he’s gotten to the letter.

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