Random windy spring moments

Spring at last! There’s no doubt we’ll get random wintry nights – in fact since the pear tree is in bloom it’s almost guaranteed within the week – and I haven’t done anything as hubristic as putting the woodstove to bed, but days will increasingly be in the seventies and nights haven’t required the use of propane in over a week.

Here’s the new floor for the Secret Lair’s main room, some assembly required. I also scrounged their used underlayment but it seems that’s not a commodity that does well second-hand. I’d probably go ahead and use it anyway, except that by happy coincidence Big Brother is coming for a brief visit on a trip across the continent and has promised to bring me some from a big-box in the closest city on the Interstate.

I won’t be procrastinating on this project – it’ll be the first major thing done this Spring but I do have to haul a bunch of stuff out of the main room – including the woodstove and some furniture, so I probably will wait until I can comfortably go without those things and the sky won’t suddenly decide to snow all over them while they’re out on the porch. April’s not as bad as March, but you still can’t trust it.

Speaking of the porch, I did push the “spring” thing a bit too much for comfort at mid-day…

Cleaning primer pockets is one activity I like to do out on the porch, and having a whole bunch to do I decided it would be nice to celebrate Spring in that way. Alas…

…though I did finish just out of stubbornness, I was shivering into a jacket by the end. Not so much from the temperature, which would have been comfortable under other circumstances, but because the wind is gusting to 30 mph even down in my hollow. Another sign of Spring, though not the nicest. I’ll take it.

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