Really I’m not normally a big fan of these things…

…particularly since I don’t really care about the constitution. The constitution has nothing to do with my reasoning about self defense. The feds could amend the constitution to outlaw all personal weapons this afternoon, guided by a celestial voice which I actually heard myself, and it wouldn’t change my opinion or attitude in any smallest way. I’m an adult mammal, and as such I absolutely will keep and bear the most effective means of self-defense I find conducive to getting peacefully through my day, at all fricking times. Given sufficient provocation, I will use them. So take your video about the second amendment and…

But still you do hear the gungrabbers going on and on with bullshit about what they say they imagine a ‘well regulated militia’ is, and it’s tiresome*. This Crowder video is a pretty good rebuttal.

*I do have to say that the ‘collective rights’ doctrine is and always has been one of the silliest things I ever remember hearing. According to this view of the 2A, the constitution guarantees the ‘right’ of the states to keep and bear arms for the purpose of arming paramilitary forces. So the framers wanted to make sure nobody got the idea that the state governments, willing and busy satrapies of the federal government, could ever be disarmed by the feds. Because that’s really likely to happen, ever. According to this view the use of the word “people” in that particular amendment, in a group of amendments which otherwise clearly differentiated “people” from “states,” was just a typo. I’ve always believed that if that’s the best you’ve got, you should really go sit down and leave the adults alone.

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4 Responses to Really I’m not normally a big fan of these things…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    I think – if you read it all carefully – that those “framers” actually expected there to be a revolution about ever twenty years or so… making what they wrote moot, though we’d probably still have people on twenty sides yammering about what those “framers” meant by it all.

    I don’t much care what they wrote, or what they might have meant by it… I am. I live, and therefore I own my body and life. I am the only one who is responsible for that life and my safety. Death to pirates and slavers…

  2. MJR says:

    I have had this argument so many times that I’m getting tired of it. In Canada just as in the United States the rights argument regarding firearms ownership is, was and will always be moot. In Canada we do not have the 2nd amendment in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we don’t even have the technical right to own property. A decade ago the federal government tried to force gun owners to register all their firearms. It took a while but Canadian long gun registration went the way of the Dodo. Why? Because roughly 45% – 50% of firearms owners said screw it and the Feds found out that it could not be enforced. The same thing applies to Americans, any attempt to disarm you guys is also doomed to fail, rights or no rights. Remember one thing, only those who let themselves be coerced get coerced.

  3. Joel says:

    From the numbers I’ve seen in articles about the long-gun registry, I always suspected the scofflaws numbered a helluva lot more than 50%. 🙂

    I guarantee in America a small – maybe tiny – percentage of guns would ever get registered. People would suddenly reveal that all along they’d only owned one, maybe two guns. All those others? I dunno. Are you sure there ever were that many? The only way to make a gun registry effective in America would be to win the war you started. By the time you did that, if you could do that, you’d have plenty bigger problems.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Anyone who has bought a firearm through a licensed dealer and gone through a background check should assume that firearm is identified in the BATFE archives. As I understand it, BATFE FedPig swill ROUTINELY go through the logs of every FFL they “visit” and transcribe the details onto their own records. In direct violation of the law which demands they not run a national firearm registry.

    Damn every one of them straight to hell where they belong.

    And damn their families with them.

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