Haven’t been seeing a lot of useful information about that Dallas shooter. The more time passes, the more he comes across as just another loonie wannabe (I’d imagine it would take talent to finish six years in the reserves as a PFC) but when he went postal he racked up better numbers than most lone nuts, and against targets more likely to shoot back.

CBS early reported he had an SKS, which wasn’t impossible but didn’t make a lot of sense given the numbers. Now it looks more like it was a Saiga AK-74.
H/T to Uncle.

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  1. MJR says:

    I read the stuff at the posted link and two things come to mind. First is a suspicion, I suspect that it really was an SKS. The reason I suspect this is that for the media and police the SKS is a loosing issue, it ain’t an evil assault rifle so it can’t really further the cause against evil assault rifles. Meanwhile on the other hand, the AK-74 is an evil assault rifle and can further the cause.

    Second, the cops doing the investigation have a tight lid on information and other folks are guessing. So until they are finished, we will have no information except guesses from guys who are “in the know” like the (fill in the blank) who saw the the evidence off load for a half a second.

    Have to go, the tinfoil hat I have on my head is starting to itch. :^)

  2. Bibamufu says:

    Here is a news site that says it was an SKS. Since we haven’t heard that it was an “ASSULT RIFLE” perhaps the news report is correct, but then again…

    I used to have an SKS , it was actually fairly accurate for the $100 I paid for it, but I never thought of it as a sniper rifle.

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