Score, sort of

Well, they didn’t have a pouch that would fit my knife, but they did have three different kinds of 9mm Mak ammo. So it wasn’t a wasted trip.
100 rounds of Serbian ball – seems like only yesterday our elected representatives were dropping lots of HE on Serbia, and now we’re buying overpriced crappy small arms ammo from them. What a woild – and 25 rounds of lovingly crafted artisanal ammunition, individually hand-carved from blocks of solid platinum with tools of purest meteoric iron by selected virgin Polynesian priestesses of the god Hor-Na-Dy. Or so I gather, from the price. In fact, for what I paid for that little box of ammo I’d damn well better have opportunity to shoot something really dangerous with my FrankenMak before I die, or I’m going to feel like a failure at life.

D really likes ice cream. I’m indifferent toward it but had a cone of butter pecan just to be polite, and now learn that I really do seem to be developing some sort of lactose intolerance in my old age. So I’m going to go lay down for a while before evening chores. LB says hi…well, no he doesn’t. He’s sacked out under the window trying to catch a breeze.


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  1. Mark Matis says:

    If you are indeed lactose intolerant, LB may not have to be near the window to “catch a breeze”…

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, like he’s got anything to complain about…

  3. I would be willing to try to repair your knife pouch, if you can get it to me. I can’t really guarantee it would work (depends on what’s there to work with), but I’d do what I could.

  4. Joel says:

    Oh, I appreciate the thought, Kent, I really do, but the leather is just plain worn out. It’s a race between the belt slot tearing out or the bottom of the pouch tearing through.

    Anyway, if I did Ebay Robert Evans’ idea would be easiest. They do sell Shrade LB7 pouches on Ebay.

  5. I got inspired and dug through my leather collection and found a knife pouch that might work for you. I don’t believe it has ever been used, but is kinda old. It is an Old-Timer pouch and my Buck 110 can fit snugly in it. Here is a link to a picture of it:

  6. Joel says:

    That looks perfect, Kent. I’ll email you.

  7. My Mak – one of the ‘Commercial’ ones w/ the adj. rear sight – came in .380 – 9 by 17. When considering it I was equally unenthused with either cartridge – so I considered the .380 a plus in terms of ammo availability. I’ve read that a barrel swap is all that’s needed to switch your caliber – all the other components are the same. (geeze – what am I saying – I’m sure Ian would know for sure – though the Mak is probably pretty uninteresting to him!)

    I’d seen plenty Kel-tecs and LCPs in .380 – but none ‘spoke’ to me. That Mak sat in the pawnshop for 3 months while I’d check in on the monthly shopping run. I managed to purposely ignore it all that time but finally gave it a look. I decided to research the weapon for a month and if it was still there when I came back I’d make an offer. If I regret anything about the purchase it would be the less than optimal caliber and the sights – clunky in the rear and nearly invisible at the front. Seems to be pretty true to point of aim at 45′ – so the sights I may come to live with.

  8. Michael Gilson says:

    This is about your Mak sights, I couldn’t get the comment to post there. I found this discussion where most of them reported big improvements simply by painting the front sight, and offering several alternatives for cheap to apply but durable paints.×18.html

  9. Thanks, Michael. I actually layered on thin alternating coats of phosphorescent clear paint and a bright green enamel – probably even built the width up to about 1/16″ wide. It didn’t hurt – but it’s hard for me to say it helped all that much either. got a mention in the thread you linked to – useful site for all kinds of information – good takedown instructions with plenty of pics – for all 26 or whatever pieces.

    I found there’s a fairly active discussion on Maks on the Makarov forum at too – in case that’s of use.

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