See, now, I wish more gun grabbers would do this…

…instead of what they usually do, which is try to arrange for men with guns to confiscate my guns.

Restaurant Owner Spurns Those Who Are O.K. With AR-15s

So she again turned to the universal soapbox of Facebook. This time she took a stand, knowing it could hurt her business in a pro-gun, largely rural state, where hunting and target practice are immensely popular and where the political schisms run deep.

She wrote that anyone who owned a high-powered semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in Orlando was not welcome in either of her two restaurants. That was not all: She would not welcome anyone who merely supported the idea of owning such a weapon.

Seems to be going a little far, not only banning guns and gun owners but anyone who has favorable thoughts about guns. Not really sure how you’d enforce that.

Still, it’s her right to do what she wishes with her own property, and that includes driving away customers for odd reasons. Unfortunately she caught some unwarranted abuse over it, it seems Facebook people are not the most civilized. I would have wished people would simply ask for details concerning her restaurants’ names and locations, to make sure they never accidentally patronized any of her establishments, and left it at that. Ridicule isn’t called for. (Said the guy who bases his whole blog on ridicule…)

I’ve said it before, if you want to walk around unarmed and helpless I would never dream of infringing on your right to do so. Put a “Gun-free zone” sign in front of your house or business, go right ahead, I’ll do nothing to stop you or to inflict my own means of defense on you. I’m told it’s very easy.

Unfortunately most really dedicated hoplophobes, probably including this lady, don’t feel called upon to return the courtesy. No, they want to ‘feel safe,’ which means not only banning my guns from their property but trying to get the government to ban them from my property, and everywhere else. And that’s where we’ve got a problem.

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One Response to See, now, I wish more gun grabbers would do this…

  1. Unclezip says:

    Funny little story – In Portland, Or., a preacher bought up a bunch of raffle tickets to ensure he would win a Modern Sporting Rifle, and then have it destroyed. He won the rifle, and had a friend hold it for him. This violated the new universal background check law in the state, and he is now “under investigation” for handing a weapon to someone without a background check. Coverup coming in 3, 2, 1…

    Funny thing is, if he hadn’t been so strident about it, he most likely would have skirted the law, as most of the state’s sheriffs have declared it unenforceable.

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