Seymour sings me the song of his people – at four in the morning.

I’ve often speculated about whether the hens throw him out of the coop around then, since he’s incapable of shutting up. I mean he does this every single morning but mostly I don’t care because most evenings I remember to close the big, relatively new window in the bathroom, which happens to be right next to the chicken yard.

Last night I forgot to close the window, and this morning I was forcibly reminded why you must never forget to do that.

It was like he was perched on the loft railing, crowing into my right ear. *sigh* I didn’t go out and murder him, because it wasn’t his fault. With the window closed, he’s tolerable.

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6 Responses to Seymour sings me the song of his people – at four in the morning.

  1. Anonymous says:

    My mother’s long-established neighbor on one side has chickens ‘n horses ‘n such. New neighbor on other side opened her meet ‘n greet with “You have to get rid of your chickens”. I’m sure she’ll fit right in. At least Seymour doesn’t have your neighbors threatening to evict him. I presume.

  2. Zelda says:

    Seymour is doing his job for you – letting you know he is alive and well and on guard, protecting your egg supply. The sooner you know that each day, the more Happy and Contented Hours you will have. When you hear him crow you can smile, roll over and go back to sleep, comforted by the fact that All Is Well in your chicken’s lives. How wonderful is it to have a thoughtful rooster proactively communicating positive news to you each morning?

  3. Joel says:

    Fortunately my closest neighbors think Seymour’s dawn serenades are cute – a mile away.

  4. MJR says:

    Why is it that for every good thing like getting fresh eggs, there has to be something to off set the goodness like a 4am wake up call? I guess on the bright side (hey I’m Canadian, looking on the bright side is what we do) it gets you up and at ’em before the temps get hot enough to bake bread with no heat.

  5. Zelda says:

    That is the most incredible chicken web site!! Thanks Michael. I learn so much from this blog. Not only the collar but the chicken swing are way way wonderful. Joel’s chickens have always exhibited the behavior of totally bored chickens – no surprise there – and that swing would be a great toy for them, along with a cabbage or other vegetable (or meat) on a string.

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