Sigh. Seems like all I do is spend money these days…

See this? This was totally not in the budget.

That’s what I get for being fastidious, for doing normal, ordinary maintenance. Yeah. A slob would not have needed to buy a new waterer.

Calcium scale had really built up on the old waterer, which is only, I dunno, maybe a little over four years old. I had a little left over of the cleaning-strength vinegar I use to clean the toilet bowl, and last night I thought, “I’m planning to buy more vinegar tomorrow, so I should expend everything I have on cleaning this waterer.

Yeah. Probably would have been a better idea last year. This year it turns out the calcium scale was the only thing holding the water in.

There’s a reason nobody around here uses iron water tanks any more.

(grumble) What pisses me off is that I had the money! I had the money because I got paid a finder’s fee for those batteries, right? Which wasn’t even any part of the negotiations, my neighbor just said, “Good job, here you go.” And I thought, I dunno, I’ll see how the insulation and drywall costs go, and then maybe I’ll buy something shiny with the windfall, if I don’t end up spending it on building materials.

And I did. I spent it on something shiny. For the f*cking chickens.

BUT! The morning is not all doom, gloom and dragons eating the sun. I also finished fixing the platform of S&L’s painting scaffold.

Yup! And I got it locked to the scaffold, and I dragged the ladder over and got everything level, and climbed up with no trouble at all, Even ol’ Acrophobe Joel can work on that now. So I’ve lost my last excuse not to start painting again.

Maybe it’ll rain?

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2 Responses to Sigh. Seems like all I do is spend money these days…

  1. Judy says:

    There is always one excuse that trumps them all. ‘I don’t feel like it.’

    You like your chicken way more than I liked mine. Mine had a rubber bucket. The best thing that ever happened to the world of watering animals in the wintertime. It can freeze solid repeatedly and still not rupture. I kept 2 of all of them so one was thawing while the other was in use. Swapped them out twice a day, so they had a decent drink at least twice a day.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, I’ve got some cheap stainless steel bowls for watering during freezing weather. But they find bowls so easy to shit in, they can foul the water before it can even freeze. They seem to find it harder – though by no means impossible – to foul the waterer.

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