I don’t suppose I should be too surprised. Looking back I see that last year’s final snow was also in May – though almost three weeks earlier than this one. But I really did wake this morning to wet, patchy snow. It rained yesterday afternoon and it’s raining on and off today, the weatherman predicted that, but nobody said anything about snow.

I’d like to go on record that whoever was in charge of the weather during this past winter is fired. Seriously, just turn in your keys.

Spent the last couple of hours doing something I never do – I just took a frickin’ nap. Listening to the rain pound on the barn roof makes me want to go back and do it more. What a cold, wet, rotten day!

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One Response to Snow?

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Same here… cold and wet, but at least it’s not windy as hell like it was yesterday. I never got out of my pajamas yesterday, and may not today… Can’t work in the garden anyhow.

    But I made an absolutely stellar batch of chili yesterday, and I’m going to have a bunch more of it for lunch today.

    A fire is crackling in the stove, and I’ve got plenty of work to do here… so I’m not too bad off. But I’m going to enjoy the sunshine even more when it comes. 🙂

    Just wrote about naps last week.

    Good deal. In fact, I may take a nap this afternoon myself. 🙂

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