So is this the big new GunGrabber Gospel?

…or am I just behind the times again?

From Hillary’s big acceptance speech, how she intends to throw gun owners under any convenient bus…

I’m not here to take away your guns.

I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.

We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass common-sense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists and all others who would do us harm.

Uh huh. And then the same day, there’s this pile of re-purposed words from some Brady Bunch drone…

“There is a very specific type of gun that we want banned – none of them,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign. “All we are trying to do is keep guns out of the hands of people we all agree that shouldn’t have them. Whether you love or hate guns, you agree that a convicted violent criminal, domestic abuser, someone who is dangerously mentally ill, or a would-be terrorist should not be able to get their hands on guns.”

Gee. This almost sounds scripted. But forget that, in fact forget everything they’ve said for decades. About “assault weapons” and “Saturday night specials” and “semi-automatic pistols” and ‘sniper rifles.’ Into the memory hole with all those bans and would-be bans of the past.

No, just pay attention to what they’re saying now, which is…somehow even more chilling.

They don’t want to ban guns. Where would you ever get such an idea? No, they want to ban people from owning guns. But not everybody! No! Just the wrong people. The bad people. As determined by … well, who’s better qualified to decide that than themselves? If, for example, you want to own guns – which is crazy – then you’re dangerously mentally ill and a would-be terrorist and must be banned from ever going near guns.

So anyway I just happened to see these two identical things yesterday, and I’m wondering if this is the new orthodoxy or have I missed something that’s been playing for months? Are they done obsessing over magazine size and gun shows and vaguely-described classes of gun for now, and they’ve moved on to trying to ban vaguely-described classes of people instead?

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3 Responses to So is this the big new GunGrabber Gospel?

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. They’re now focusing on “High Powered Rifles”. Specifically, that undefined category seems to include (TA DA!) the AR15 in 5.56 caliber.

    I always thought that “High Powered Rifles” start at around .25-something,

    I don’t pretend to understand the shifting sands of liberal/gungrabber philosophy.
    Except the “Yes, we want to take your guns. All of them!” part.

    That part I understand quite clearly..

  3. Wolfman says:

    I think the organized (or semi-organized) message is new, but the sentiment is age old- they aren’t against THINGS, like guns, or speech, or thoughts, they’re just against PEOPLE. The WRONG sort of people, that is, who aren’t really people at all anyway, amiright? It isn’t that they’re against PEOPLE having guns- they just want to make sure that us doubleplusungood wrongthinking thought criminals don’t have them.

    Right now, it’s about who has the guns, and who can speak. Next, maybe it’s about who can vote, and eventually, as it always seems to with totalitarians, it’ll be about who’s allowed to live.

    The hell with that. THAT’S why I oppose them.

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