Starting to wonder if Monsoon isn’t over.

For the past four or five days we’ve had afternoon clouds and variable weather; sprinkles, wind storms, brushing the edges of what might have been thunderstorms if the weather had thrown the dice differently. But no serious weather except HOT. HOT till the afternoon storm cells brought the breeze, which today hasn’t happened. Today it didn’t even bother to cloud up. LB is suffering on the floor, I’m kind of suffering with my head halfway between the floor and the ceiling. ‘Cause it’s frickin’ HOT. Not Mid-June-Before-The-Monsoon hot, but hot.

Thing is, I just perused the most accurate forecast site I know for this region, and it says Monsoon is essentially over. It’s got a few days marked “Possible Afternoon T-Storm” till the middle of next month, but no “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here” days between now and then. It could be wrong, but for the past few years it’s been mostly right. So I’m thinking Monsoon is mostly over.

Which is really weird, you know? Because we had two back to back record-breaking flash floods, but it never really was all that wet. The really big scary power-system-destroying or cabin-washing-away storms all happened somewhere else this year, somewhere upstream. Screw’em if they can’t take a joke.

Some Monsoons are wet, some are kind of anemic. This one managed to be both at the same time.

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3 Responses to Starting to wonder if Monsoon isn’t over.

  1. John of the GMA says:

    “I just perused the most accurate forecast site I know for this region…” I hope that’s NOAA. They tend to guess better than the others. Also their discussion board is a hoot.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    One is generally better off going with the Farmers’ Almanac forecast than relying on anything from NOAA. Just sayin’…

    Does this mean the air conditioner might be worthwhile now? If so, I’ll start bugging them again about the startup load. If not, I’ll let it slide until after the new year…

  3. Joel says:

    Last night I certainly could have used an air conditioner, Mark. But I expect the need to have passed long before we can settle that question.

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